We attach great importance to producing truly distinctive, individual wines that best reflect the terroir and grape varietals. We also achieve this goal by avoiding unnecessary strains on the vineyards and surplus harvest of inferior quality grapes. Perfect grapes can only be harvested from vines that are healthy. This requires a well-balanced nutrition and ecological equilibrium.

We decided a long time ago to focus on natural management of our vineyard and adopted organic viticulture practices. We do this out of respect for nature and with the belief that the terroir expresses itself in the wine in a purer and more unadulterated way with organic farming. Without synthetic pesticides, the vines become more resilient and all of the microbes, insects, bees, and worms that are essential for the local environment are preserved. It is only in this state of perfect harmony that the vines can give their best. Organic is synonymous with quality, but the organic certification of our vineyards is not our priority.

Colle Castagno is located in southern Maremma, where the sun often shines and during the summer and autumn months when a little moisture does occur, the wind dries the grapes quickly after a rain. This offers us optimal conditions to manage the vineyards organically.